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Business Builder Navigator for Startups

Working with companies in such fast-paced environment requires innovative solutions. Therefore Founders working with our approach experience the triple effect: 

  • develop business acumen that keeps them in their business leading position

  • create an agile business model for their Startup idea

  • work in a flexible, self-paced manner as they use our innovative solution of guided business design approach (we offer an alternative to a traditional incubator/accelerator engagement. We designed it with Founders in mind who cannot or do not want to bring their idea to market the conventional way)


Partnership Program for Accelerators / Incubators

In a world where creating an enterprise from scratch has become a mainstream dream, it’s imperative to grow an environment where Startups get the resources and network access they need fast, and in a scalable and flexible way. 


Hyper-accelerators/incubators are quickly becoming a player to fill that need in a space that’s evolving at an increasingly fast speed. We partner with those organisations by delivering our bespoke Digital Navigators  that enable agility or innovation of the Startups'  business models. We empower our Partners with more time and resources to build exclusive mentorships, knowledge, network and connections necessary to defy the 90% failure notion. Together we produce a higher rate of success stories in an oversaturated world of entrepreneurship and innovation.


If you wish to receive our Partnership Program details, please reach out to


Partnership Program for Investors

According to data, 42% of investors state that they invest in Start-ups because of the attractive financial returns. Other important motivation are the impact on society and supporting the entrepreneurs. However, compared to traditional equity markets, venture capital is a complex asset class where many attractive deals are competitive and hard to get access to. Thousands of Start-ups are fundraising at any given moment and we know that an overwhelming majority of them will fail in their entrepreneurial journey.


This is why Conseptz created digital navigators for agile business build and innovation. On-boarding the navigated journey and following the steps ends with either creation of a business model with a tested MVP that ensures Product-Market fit, or with a holistic business model innovation plan. In both cases we aim at increasing founders entrepreneurial DNA and seek proof of their "all in" attitude shown by the quality of the work they perform in the process of using the Navigator. 


We would like to Partner with Investors to create a new Entrepreneurial culture that will increase the Start-up success rates thus ensure the attractive financial returns that all investors desire. 


If you wish to receive our Partnership Program details, please reach out to


Innovation Engagments for Enterprises

Our digital-first Customer expects smart, connected products that are continuously being improved with new functionalities. Together we build long term business partnerships based on translating business objectives into  business outcomes   followed by introduction of bespoke technology into new or existing Products/Services/Solutions.

Engaging with our Innovation as a Service Program guarantees delivering integrated and frictionless Customer Experiences that generate new revenue streams for your business. We achieve that by upgrading your legacy systems and infrastructure with modern technology stacks to change the way Products and Services are consumed, such as moving from on-premises to cloud-based models.

Blockchain has the potential to transform many industries. As a stand-alone technology, it can verify and track transactions. In conjunction with the Internet of Things and Smart Contracts, it can disrupt many existing processes and ways we consume Services today.

Many leading businesses are currently focusing on blockchain to develop next generation Solutions. Blockchains will impact everyone and your company may be affected in the not-too-distant future too. One common mistake made today is investing into technology without prior effort of analysing pockets of innovation within the business that are ready to deliver meaningful Customer outcomes. Blockchain offers nearly limitless opportunities for new business model design ranging from new experience or solution creation, through operational efficiencies, to alternative investment opportunities.

At Conseptz we offer a combination of Business Innovation with Blockchain business use case analysis that compliments our Innovation as a Service Program.

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