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Discover our superpowers in the field of design thinking, agile business model design and business innovation


We lead you through a process building the foundation for scalability and profitability of your business. We use our digital smart service and agile methodology advisory services.

Game-changing innovation is a beautiful thing. Disruptive products and services are unleashed. New markets are created. It's a win-win. What’s not to like? What many do not realise is that all this happens only when scalable and sustainable business models are the foundation for a business that has this type of ambition, strategy or drive.


Assessment-as-a-Service for early stage Startups investment.

We designed a systematic, scalable and on-demand solution that allows you to assess the strength of the business model design and make your investment decision with higher confidence for ROI. 

Sometimes there is nothing more powerful than the passion and vision of an entrepreneur. But when they are trying to raise venture capital, passion and vision are just not enough. Investors care about scalability and fundamentals of the business model.


We partner with leading incubators and accelerator who focus on specialising and creating more bespoke programs. We offer our digital platforms as as service and we create service partnerships.

The concept of hyper-accelerators/hyper-incubators by Forbes resonates with us as innovation lies at the heart of everything we do. We partner with leading organisations that focus on specialising and creating more bespoke programs.


We use a combination of advisory and smart digital services to explore areas of your business innovation, define the scope and build the execution plan. Through our partnerships we can also offer cutting edge tech solutions that deliver on your innovation goals.

The gradual and steady adoption of innovative technologies sets the new foundations for the economic and social systems in motion. Customers needs and priorities are evolving and business are beginning to explore how AI, or Blockchain present themselves with opportunities different from previous generations of technology.


Blockchain is one of the most hyped new branches of digital technology being applied in some way in nearly every industry.


The potential applications of blockchain vary across sectors but have one thing in common – the vision of a decentralised, immutable, secure and consistent way of organising and sharing data.  It  is quickly expanding its scope of usability across many sectors including finance, healthcare, supply chain, data analysis, and the Internet of Things. Combined with AI it forms an opportunity hard to miss by many.

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