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Digital Navigators

New approach to agile business design and innovation - digital consultancy that takes you on a guided journey developing competencies and expanding your business acumen exponentially. 

Business Builder Navigator

Inspired by the use cases and capabilities of technology, you came up with a great idea. But good idea does not equal good business. The magic formula is to convert an idea into a strong Value Proposition and wrap it in a profitable, agile Business Model. And build foundation for sustainability and scalability while you're at it. This way you can take on any challenging question the investors may throw at your pitch!

Business Innovation Navigator

Innovation is actually simple but it does not mean it is easy!


A lot has been written about it. Innovation is simple to explain, simple to write about, simple to get excited about, simple to request, and last but not least, it is simple to recognise when it happens.  But deliberately focussing efforts to achieve the right innovation when and where you need or want it is not easy.  It requires leadership, study, analysis and creative thinking to advance, as well as perseverance and boldness to implement.


What helps to innovate fast paced organisations is a structured approach that can be repeated and implemented to the point that they develop their innovation DNA. Surrounded by technological innovation of blockchain, you will be bombarded by ideas and opportunities. The Navigator will help you bring methodology and approach that will enable you to create, validate and launch your business or idea innovation in no time.


Strategic Innovation is a game changing approach to business so we hope you enjoy this journey with us! 

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